Gastric-Band Hypnosis
People everywhere are looking for the perfect Weight Loss Program to lose weight. Spending hundreds of dollars on diet foods and pills, people are finding that diets 'just don't work'! So, where can you turn?

Aggressive surgery for partial stomach banding does not only pose a risk to your health such as nausea and vomiting, slipped band, obstruction or blockage, constipation and diarrhea, but it is cost prohibitive as well. With the current obesity pandemic, it is good to know there is help at hand.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to affect positive lifestyle results. 'GASTRIC BAND HYPNOSIS' is addressing the weight loss world by storm! Through hypnosis, it is used to address both emotional and psychological reasons for weight gain. It also allows the person to feel full after a small meal and allows cravings to disappear.

Using the power of the mind convinces a person they have a gastric band (lap band) fitted. The Gastric Band Hypnosis program is a hypnotherapy procedure that is also referred to as Weight Loss Hypnosis. This fast Weight Loss procedure enables a person to believe their stomach has been shrunk down to the size of a golf ball. The procedure does exactly the same as a Gastric Band Operation, but carries none of the risk, is totally safe and very, very cost effective. It deals with will power, cravings, and exercise motivation. This is a three session program. The client is counseled on eating habits, learns the emotional reasons for over eating, and is empowered to adhere to a healthier lifestyle while eating smaller portions. During the 'Gastric Band Hypnosis' procedure, a client actually 'hears hospital sounds and smells hospital smells.' It is very virtual. It's retraining your brain to adjust to a new and healthier life to go along with a new, slimmer body.
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