Frequently Asked Hypnosis Questions
  • Is hypnosis approved by the medical community?
Yes. In 1958 the American Medical Association (AMA) approved its use.

  • What if I do not come out of hypnosis?
To begin with, you are not in a trance. It is merely a state of relaxation. You are not asleep. If you ever wish to terminate the session, you may do so.

  • Will I lose control when I go into hypnosis?
Definitely not! Actually you will gain even more control over your body and mind with your newly acquired knowledge. You will not do anything that is against your moral, religious or ethical values.

  • What kind of changes should I expect?
There is generally a positive cumulative effect on your overall emotional and physical well-being. At times, you may tend to notice gradual changes in the problem areas you are working on. Other times there may be an immediate change such as breaking a three-pack-a-day cigarette habit!

  • Will I be unconscious or asleep during hypnosis?
No. Actually, your mental awareness is heightened and you are even more in tune with your surroundings. For example, a hypnotized person will be the first to run if there is a fire. Furthermore, you couldn't hear your suggestions if you were asleep.

  • Is being able to be hypnotized a sign of a weak mind?
No. In fact the opposite is true. The more intelligent and imaginative a person is, the easier it is to be hypnotized.
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